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There is nothing worse than watching a member of your furry family suffer from arthritis pain, hip dysplasia and the effects of aging. Their joints so stiff, swollen and painful that it keeps them from moving like they used to and living their lives to the fullest. Dogs that were once full of energy and life start slowing down. Basic activities like climbing stairs, jumping into the car, getting up from a nap or just going for a walk become more difficult.


We've helped thousands of dogs be more happy and healthy in the 15 years we've been making Flavocin, and we can help your dog, too! Why stand by and watch your furry best friends age prematurely when there is something that can be done. Give Flavocin a try today, both you and your dog will be happy you did!


Flavocin was developed by a clinical nutritionist and staff veterinarian wanting to combat the onset of joint problems for pets. They decided to find a solution for maintaining joint health, strengthening connective tissue, and reducing damaging cell oxidation. The result was a greater range of motion and joint flexibility long term for a happier and healthier dog. It also contains powerful antioxidants used to help fight the effects of aging on your dog.

In 1987, a renowned research team demonstrated that the antioxidant Bioflavanols found in Flavocin were up to 50 times more effective than vitamin E as a free radical scavenger.”

Flavocin and Gizmo

The research also suggests that ingredients found in Flavocin can increase the total antioxidant capacity and stimulate defenses in blood. In addition, it is believed that the most dangerous free-radical produced by your dog’s body as it gets older is called the hydroxyl free-radical. It is so damaging because it directly attacks the DNA which is the building block of all cells. The research also suggests that the ingredients in Flavocin may “search and destroy” this dangerous hydroxyl free-radical.

Another report found evidence that Bioflavanols may be effective in fighting canine hip dysplasia. In a double-blind, placebo controlled, 14-week clinical evaluation, 85.7% of dogs given Bioflavanol supplements showed improvement in joint function and relief of joint pain.

The end result – a Happy and Healthy dog by your side ready for any Adventure for Years to come!


Simply choose the SINGLE option for a single 90-tablet bottle of Flavocin, or for the best value, choose the PREMIUM option to save $10 per bottle and also get free shipping.

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"The doctors all said my Boxer (Lola) would need surgery for her ACL/Arthritis issues. After 4-6 weeks on Flavocin she was running around like she was a puppy! This worked SO fast I saw improvements immediately! The change and improvements were almost a miracle - actually it was a miracle how her legs, pain and attitude changed after being on Flavocin. I cannot stress how much this helped her when all others failed." - Lynda Fine-Kenzior

"I have been giving Flavocin to my ten year old arthritic lab for a month, and already see an improvement in her attitude and activity level! She runs with the younger dogs lots more! This is a wonderful product! I like that I can give her something that will improve the quality of her life without resorting to steroids or pain pills. It's worth the investment." - L. Martin

"My little sheltie was suffering from diagnosed joint pain that was so severe that she could no longer jump up on the sofa or the bed or run and play in the back yard. After about 90 days on Flavocin she was back to her old self in regard to what she could do. I then put my other three dogs on Flavocin and have continued it ever since. The two american eskimos are now 13 and the sheltie and chow/shepherd are 11 and none of them have any problems with their joints. I think the antioxidants in flavocin have really been helpful to them also." - Ted Hall

"I am seeing great results with Flavocin. Your product is extraordinary. My dog will not eat any other pill except yours. For me, this is a big deal, as I did not like force-feeding the prescription pills. ." - Steven H.


Norm with Sahara, Noosh and Bronx

I'm Norm, and I'm the guy behind ProPet Sciences. We are a grassroots and local employee-owned company started for the love of pets everywhere. Here in Colorado dogs aren’t just pets… they’re our family first and foremost!

We've been helping dogs with joint and hip problems with Flavocin since 2004, and ProPet Sciences is here to give your dogs the life they absolutely deserve. If there is ANYTHING we can do to help your dogs, please contact us and we'll get you taken care of right away.

(Sadly, we lost Sahara in 2017. Rest in peace, sweetie.)

You can reach us by phone at 877-776-7381, or at customercare@propetsupport.com

Our address is: ProPet Sciences llc - 13401 W 43rd Drive - Suite 15 - Golden, Colorado 80403